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Hoop House with light snow

We have been assured that it will snow and rain and otherwise douse us with precipitation in various forms sometime today and tonight and for a day or two following. So it is a day with a low slung blanket of clouds and a sense of ominous foreboding…..a heavy and sulking day. I have been urged and encouraged to meditate today, not only by my friend Diana, but by a squawking flock of videos and clamoring, insistent blogs. Most of them seem to have been ignited by the slayings in Connecticut. Mourning is natural and necessary, but the shouting recriminations about the “failure” of our gun control laws are not the most fruitful place to start. Such discussions will inevitably duck and weave, avoiding the main issue(s) of our slick, sick culture, a culture that is rotten at the core. Without addressing and redressing the cankers nestled in the heart of our vaunted “American way of life”, any mere tinkering and tweaking of the laws will accomplish practically nothing. Without some definitive, consistent and persistant “education” as well as thorough restructuring of how we operate as a society on a daily basis, no top-down political efforts will do any more than briefly relieve our temporary heartaches. Slapping on legislative band aids and government gauze pads won’t cure the disease though it may temporaily staunch the flow of blood and ease our conscience. Such efforts will quickly pass and be as forgotten as last Thursday’s breakfast.

Right now the darkest days of winter are still ahead of us.  The remaining days of December will continue to shorten before the sun turns her head back to smile at us again. And, as usual, the smile will be slow to spread but wondrous to see. We will bask once again in its glowing warmth. All human matters will eventually fade away, if not, acording to some on December 21, 2012, then at some point in the future. Meanwhile, breathe deeply and become centered with all you have just felt and thought, whatever it is.

Meadow Mist hoop house interior

There are seeds to plant, life to nurture and people to embrace, so let’s get on with it shall we?

Bok Choy Seedlings





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